The Future of The Shoppe

October 25, 2016

The Future of The Shoppe

I'm sure you have all noticed the following message at the Shoppe


Why are we closing the store?

The answer is we don't want to close the store.  We are doing everything we can to keep it up and running.

  • The main reason The Shoppe, at least in its current form, is closing is that it is built on an ancient eCommerce platform.  Over the last year it has required more and more support from developers and programmers.  Not to mention many clever workarounds to provide customer support at a level that you deserve.  It is now taking much more money to keep it running then we generate.  Honestly, it has been that way for several months now. 
  • In order to upgrade to a modern system that provides an awesome user experience and keeps up with the constant changes in both development and security will take many thousands of dollars.

What is the Plan?

We are evaluating two eCommerce platforms as I write this.  However, in order to cut expenses we are doing almost everything manually.  I have learned a lot about transferring a massive amount of data and coding over the last few months. 

We would like to be fully transferred to a new store by the first of the year. 

What does this mean for Subscribers?

First, I want to thank all of our subscribers who have stuck with us over the years.  You guys are awesome and the reason why we are trying so hard to keep the site alive.  Your letters, and appreciation are what lets us know our products truly make a difference, help you save time, and grow your business.  Again, Thank You!

If you were one of the remaining subscribers when we cut off access in August you will get all of your credits on the new site when/if it goes live.  You earned them!

We plan to update you again soon.

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