The Shoppe.. Actions A Review by Angela of amr Photography

February 02, 2012

Today our guest post comes from the beautifully talented Angela of amr Photography.She writes about how she uses our Nostalgia actions on her gorgeous images. Be sure to check out Angela's amazing styling guide HERE and use Code SHOPPE to get 25% off. The Shoppe Nostalgia Actions Set and Blends By Angela of amr Photography I have had so much fun today playing around with this beautiful set of actions from The Shoppe. If you have never checked them out you must do so ASAP (well, after you read this post..hahaha!). They have such beautiful products and this was the first time I got to try out their action sets as well! This particular set is the "Nostalgia Action Set and Blends" and I fell in love with how beautifully subtle they are. I am a firm believer that actions like this should be used as "icing" on an image rather than as a way to "make" or "save" an image. Get everything right in camera first and then you will have a lot of freedom for additional enhancements in post production. When used correctly, actions can become a beautiful extra dash of dimension and feel to your shots! To start out, I took my SOOC camera image, made some temp adjustments in RAW and then opened up in PS to run the actions. All the actions below were run at 60% opacity. I can't decide which one is my favorite! I love the creaminess and warmth they add to the skin. Here is an example of some of the B&W actions in the set. Again, I opened my SOOC image in RAW, made adjustments, and opened in PS.   There also is a set of Lightroom B&W presets that I am drooling over. SO gorgeous!! You definitely need to go check these out! Angela Don't forget to check out more of Angela's photography HERE and her amazing styling guide HERE. Shoppers can use the code SHOPPE to get an exclusive 25% off discount.

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