Valentie's Day Inspiration

February 10, 2012

Today's Inspiration comes from Carolyn Ryan of Carolyn Ryan Photography. She used our Sweet Pea Valentine's Collection and our Happy Valentine's Day 2012 graphic. We absolutely love the way these sweet little things turned out with her own awesome creative twist on them. Carolyn tells us a little bit about her inspiration for these cards. "Last year, my children did the typically Valentine's cards from the box with cartoon characters/princesses. When they came home, all of their friends had special additions to the cards - stickers, pencils, temporary tattoos or candy. I felt like the only Mom that just did cards. I had to do one better this year. As a children and family photographer, I'm often looking for opportunities to show my work to other parents in cute and subtle ways. I had hoped I could do photos with my kids, but I just didn't know when I would have time. Then it happened, a 65 degree day at the end of January in New Jersey. Really, when do you have a 65 degree, sunny and gorgeous afternoon in Winter? After picking my daughter up from school that afternoon, I begged her to finish her homework as quickly as she could so we could do photos outside. We had about 30 minutes to squeeze in photos before taking her to Irish Dance class. After her adorable session, I wished I could do the same with my son. But he was at daycare, and I usually wouldn't pick him up until after dropping Shannon off at dance. But if I waited, the sun would set before we could do any photos. My heart melted thinking of my cute little man, and I knew he was wearing his white t-shirt with the red firetruck (perfect for Valentine's Day), and I knew how great the light is just outside the daycare before sunset. These are the days that I love my new Tote & Shoot by Shootsac. I quickly packed the camera into the bag, and we rushed out the door, picked up the little man from school, leaving us 8 minutes for a portrait session outside the school before hopping back into the car and driving Shannon to dance class. Seriously, 8 minutes. So, it took 11 minutes and she was a few minutes late for class, but the end result was totally worth it. That evening, I had adorable photos and starting playing around with ideas for what to do with them. I was originally thinking I might use ProDPI's folding business card for my design, but it was a little smaller than I wanted. Caitlin Lazo was showing me all of ProDPI's Mod Cards at Mystic Seminars just a few weeks earlier, and I pulled out my samples from their booth. Perfect! It would give the cards just a little something extra. I used a 5x5 Mod Card with the Enhanced Felt paper and designed the cards to be folded in half. I then turned to TheShoppe Designs for Valentine's templates. I customized one side for my son, and the pink template worked perfect for my daughter and the graphic for Happy Valentine's Day 2012 was the perfect touch to the inside of both cards. I'm so excited to distribute these at school next week! I might be more excited than my kids for this year's Valentine's Day. And I ordered enough cards to distribute to teachers and mail to family members, too! You know their Grandmas are going to love them." Thanks so much for sharing Carolyn. CLICK HERE TO SHOPPE OUR VALENTINES COLLECTION   Happy, Heather xxoo

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