WPPI 2012

February 27, 2012

As you all may know I just returned home from the what was one of the most amazing WPPI's I have ever been to. My head is spinning with ideas, thoughts, new products, inspiration and motivation. As I go through all of these exciting things I wanted to make sure I share with you all the experience I had. Over the next few blog posts I hope to show you just a glimpse of what an amazing time this was.  I was inspired by speakers such as Sal Cincotta, Gregory and Brandi Schrader and too many to list while witnessing one of the most amazing trade shows I have ever been a part of. I saw product after product in booth after booth and was truly blown away. I was able to attend some of the most incredible parties and make some lifelong friends. Once again the WPPI experience never ceases to amaze me. I am ecstatic about what this means for us here at The Shoppe. I walk away inspired and excited for there are great things we have in store. Stay Fab, Heather xxoo    

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