Instablog Polaroid Blog Post Templates

You know you use Instagram every day! Your clients want to know you, they want to see your world and who you are. Give them a taste on your blog with these creative blog post templates.

*Show your fans and clients what you did over the weekend.
*Show your clients behind the scenes of your latest shoot to tease them
*Post location scouting photos to get them excited about what you are up to next

Text can be simply turned off if you want a cleaner layout.
Move the polaroids around as you wish!

Sized for web and ready for your blog, our blog post templates make posting easy and fun! Spice it up a little with our creative layouts designed to show your images at their best.
Format: Layered .PSD
Resolution: Web (72 dpi) 900px wide

A special thanks to Meghan Aileen Photography and Tara Rochelle Photography for letting us use their Instagram images in our previews here!