Americana Lightroom Presets by Meghan Aileen

This brand new set of Adobe Lightroom (RAW editing program) Presets makes editing your images with stylized beauty simple and easy. With one click your images will have that classic American vintage feel. It comes with 18 presets designed to emulate different types of film both black and white and color. Many have a nice matte feel like classic vintage film as well as a good level of grain to give a bit of a rustic feel.


  • Lightroom Preset file
  • Instructions for use

Presets Included:
  • Apple Pie
  • Back to School
  • Baseball
  • BBQ
  • Boost Contrast
  • Boost Exposure
  • Charlie
  • Movie Star BW
  • Elsa BW
  • Hot Airl Balloon
  • Jenny
  • Matty
  • More Peach Pie
  • Plain Jane
  • Poloroid Tone
  • Sebastian
  • Victorian BW
  • Your're Cool

Photos by Meghan Aileen