Toy Camera Light Leak Overlay Textures

This set of original overlays enables you to add unique effects to your special images. Including 2 actions, one plain texture and 15 light leak overlay JPG files, this set has everything you need to create that nostalgic and interesting light leak effect of a toy camera. Some are subtle and some are more intense, some have a little texture/grain and some are cleaner. Mix and match with the included actions, or each other to make the perfect effect for each image. These are also great for just adding some interesting color to your background even if you don't want to create the toy camera effect!

  • 15 original light leak overlays
  • 1 plain texture for added vintagey goodness
  • 2 actions for adding to the toy camera or vintage effect - one is more of a faded matte look and the other is more of a toy camera look.

PHOTOS BY: Carly Short, Meghan Aileen, Tara Rochelle

Actions compatible with Photoshop CS2 and above ONLY. The two actions included are not compatible with Elements. However Elements users can use the Overlay files as they are JPG files.