OOH LA LA Boudoir Magazine & Welcome Guide

If you shoot or want to shoot boudoir you need to have this gorgeous welcome guide/magazine for your new clients. This is a 18 page booklet (plus front and back covers) for you to get printed and hand out to your clients to help them understand how to prepare for their upcoming session. You can either print these 8.5x11 pages (print recommendations below) or make a pdf to email or post on your website/blog. Five professionally written and expertly designed articles with tips and instructions on creating a comfortable, fun, and beautiful boudoir session. Eliminate the guess work for your clients and lessen the customer service emails by giving them an easy to understand beautiful magazine to explain the process!

Easily add your studio name, bio and contact information in the layered Photoshop files. Change colors as you wish and of course add your gorgeous photos!

A Special thanks to Squaresville Studios and Caroline Tran for their gorgeous images in this sample.

Professional copy written by April Bowers Photography

We recommend printing this item at Marathon Press. They have a great printing option that works perfectly with this item.