Start booking those holiday sessions before your competition! Our complete marketing kit for holiday portrait sessions includes everything you need to market for a successful holiday portrait season this year. Complete with email marketing templates for both regular holiday sessions, and mini sessions as well as last chance to book emails and sales. Also included are facebook templates (with less text to meet Facebook guidelines for ad promotion) and print versions of the templates as well in case you want to do some good old fashioned mail marketing. Send out in an envelope of as a postcard with the two options included for the backs of the cards.

Each design is specific to it's purpose. The printed versions have more contact info since they are not attached to an email. The email templates are designed to include all needed info with impact in your client's inbox! Simply attach to an email or use an email client like madmimi or mail chimp to send out to your entire list of clients informing them it is time to book their holiday session!

Easily edit them to have your own information, and dates or locations you choose for your sessions. Fully layered Photoshop files, all text is editable.


Mini Sessions Marketing

  • Now booking email template
  • Now booking print template
  • Last chance to book email template
  • Facebook ad template (with less text)

Regular Holiday Portrait Marketing

  • Now booking email or print template (includes both sizes)
  • Last chance to book email template
  • Facebook ad template (with less text)
  • Sale on Holiday Sessions template for print
  • Second sale on Holiday sessions template for email

Product Sale Template for Email
Encourage your clients to place an order with a limited time sale offer in their inbox.

Ordering guide for products
  • Ordering sheet for your clients to fill out at an ordering session or to email them as a pdf.
  • Easily formatted so that they can tell you exactly what card they want, what images they want and how they want their names to appear.
  • Includes sheets for you to lay out the cards you offer. Plug in all the cards you offer, and email this to your clients, post it on your blog, or show at a meeting.
  • Makes the ordering process simple and easy, with no confusion. Keep track of all the clients orders by putting all their order sheets in a binder or their client file.

Photos by Meghan Aileen