Those guests at the weddings you are shooting are mostly potential customers! And they all want to see the couple's photos even if it is just to see if there is a shot of themselves. So make it easy for them. Get this 8x10 card printed on as a regular print at your lab and have them mount it on styrene so it stands straight. Then place it on a little picture stand on the seating card table or a cocktail table. You can also get the little business size cards that come with this set printed and set them along with it for the customers to take with them. With one of the couple's engagement photos on the back they are less likely to throw it away!

Most wedding photographers these days have private client galleries online to view. These cards are meant to help the weddings guests and family easily find it so they can order lots of prints from you :) And see what great work you do!

Includes 2 different border options, one classic and one a little edgy

2x3.5 Card Front and Back (2 border options)

8x10 Display card (2 border options)

*Formatted to be printed as an 8x 0 photographic print at any lab you choose.

Layered PSDS @ 300 dpi